One of the most important things we can do to assist those who are being imprisoned, tortured, or denied their right to freedom of conscience is to write directly to their oppressors. Each letter, informs those inflicting unjust punishment that the "eyes of the world" are upon them. When Peter Benenson began his human rights group, Amnesty in July 1961, he began by writing letters to authorities in Portugal on behalf of two students who had been unjustly imprisoned for exercising their right to freedom of conscience. Dictators always prefer to oppress, imprison and torture people in secret.

We can help those who are being oppressed for legitimately expressing their freedom of conscience, by writing, fax or email directly, and by encouraging others to do likewise.

Below,  each link contains information on individuals who are being persecuted (most often in secret) for expressing their personal political or religious beliefs.  Mail, fax and email information is also provided as well as a draft letter that can be used, modified or adapted as part of the campaign to free all prisoners of conscience and to end torture, including the death penalty.

Dictators loathe publicity, so each letter you write is one more step along the path of freedom for our brothers and sisters who are unjustly suffering imprisonment and torture.